Yii is a fast and organized free open source PHP framework used for web application development. It used the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern largely popular in Web programming. If you haven’t used a framework before, it might be a little difficult initially to get used to, which is why people usually begin with CodeIgniter to familiarize themselves with the MVC approach. However, once you’ve familiarized yourself with the framework, Yii is superfast! Whether it be websites or console scripts, all can be written almost instantaneously with Yii.

Great Performance!
Extremely fast and extremely effective, Yii’s performance is among the very best relative to other frameworks. For example, requests per second, which describe how many requests per second can be processed by applications written in a framework has Yii among the forerunners in this category, faster than other frameworks, such as Prado, Zend, and CodeIgniter. Moreover, this performance can be further enhanced if the PHP extension APC is enabled.

Saves time!
A lot of great features in Yii means less coding for you. jQuery integration allows objects like auto-complete input boxes and date picker to have just a few lines of PHP code, Gii can be used to generate code saving your time writing code, and the ActiveRecord pattern means less SQL writing.

Easily Customizable!
Yii is very flexible! The simplicity of the code structure facilitates customization of Yii based applications and you can include your own methods to different models or write components outside models. Additionally, the Yii Bootstrap library greatly enhances customization potential apart from boosting performance.

Want to create a website in more than one language? No problem! Yii allows you to create multilingual websites with great ease and comfort.