One of the most popular HTML5 mobile application frameworks right now is Sencha Touch. Sencha is a user interface (UI) JavaScript library created especially for mobile applications to replicate a native mobile app like experience inside a browser. Whether it be Android, Blackberry, iOS, or Windows, Sencha has consistently been used to deliver high quality mobile web applications on all these devices. Building on Ext JS, Sencha can be considered a much advanced version of Ext JS, upgraded to utilize ECMAScript5, CSS3 and HTML5.

What are the advantages of using Sencha?

Highly Responsive
UI’s with a slow response system or complex navigation can be disastrous for apps in our fast paced digital world. However, with a rapidly responding UI and user friendly navigation, Sencha solves those problems by keeping the users engaged and satisfied.

Cross Platform Support
Gone are the days where we had to develop mobile apps separately for each mobile device. Sencha Touch is one of the latest ways to helps create apps that can easily be used across multiple platforms, including Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows.

Great experience!
With a great MV * Pattern, strong class system, fast DOM control, countless widgets, impeccable Desktop Support, comprehensive plug-ins, and a vibrant community, Sencha helps to maximizes the user experience that few other mobile frameworks can compete with.

Low cost
Often we have to sacrifice quality for cost or vice versa; however, Sencha is unique in that it maintains an extremely high-quality with resoundingly low costs.

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