Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or simply known as “Rails” is an excellent open source web application framework, using the Ruby programming language. However, its simplicity is not sacrificed by its powerful ability to overcome huge problems, which has allowed it continue to grow in popularity. Compared to other web development frameworks, the speed and convenience of Rails creates a fun and effective atmosphere for developers.

Rapid Website Development!
The rails application development tools facilitate quick modeling and development of websites, doing all the micro-managing for you. If you’ve already developed a prototype, you can run it almost instantaneously to check the project’s feasibility. A great learner code base, excellent modular design, and comprehensive plugins all allow for quicker website launch, which would potentially take twice the time on other frameworks.

Rails is 100% FREE and also runs on a free operating system – Linux. Moreover, the fast speed of Rails website development means you can save money on creating and maintaining the website.

The Ruby language!
Simple and efficient, Ruby is an increasingly popular open source programming language. Mixing the best of dynamic and static languages in an object-oriented paradigm, Ruby is one of the most effective programming languages.

Great tools!
With great IDEs and a comprehensive ecosystem, Rails provides the high quality tools to satisfy your development needs.

Multi-Platform Support
Rails is available for all operating systems!