Date: 08 Jul 2014
Cat: Consumer Web Apps

SOCXS (Social Xchanges)

A Rapid Website Development Platform that allows users to create and manage single and multi-page, social media integrated websites in a matter of hours. Utilizing a customized website template, the platform allows users to quickly create a site layout & content structure and integrate it with their social media presence. The developed websites can then automatically pull in & update the user’s social media content, without any additional coding. The platform allows users to:

  • Build multi-channel customer engagements within minutes, capable of reaching a vast audience
  • Search and Integrate with a wide variety of Social Networking paradigms & providers
  • Create two way customer interactions, directly on their websites
  • Measure the success of promotion/ad campaigns & the impact of their websites, via Google Analytics

Developed using .NET 4.0 (ASP.Net & C#), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Amazon AWS.