Date: 17 Jun 2014
Cat: Consumer Web Apps


Biblionasium is a website which encourages young children to read books. The site provides parents and kids with the ability to organize book recommendations from teachers and friends, keep track of their favorite books and connects children to each other. Part kids’ social network, part parent’s guide, part teacher’s tool, BiblioNasium blends technology with personal connection to create a supportive and engaging space for reading success.

We helped Biblionasium develop their website using Responsive Web Design, so that it could be viewed on both mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) as well as desktop/laptop browsers. For this purpose, we used the FlexSlider (a responsive image slider) plug-in in order to make all of the images on the website responsive, and Modernizr.js (a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 & CSS3 features in the browser and allows you to write conditional JavaScript and CSS to handle each situation, regardless of whether the browser supports a feature or not), for the backward compatibility support. So the site would be viewable on both current and older versions of the most common browsers such Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Safari.

If you’d like to learn more about Responsive Design techniques and want to get started right away, then check out this excellent tutorial on Responsive Design techniques by

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